Tangshan Jiasun Import & Export Co., Ltd is jointly registered and set up by three printing machine manufacturers -- Yutian Sanli Machinery Co.,Ltd.; Tangshan Jiajie Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Yutian Juxing Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

      The intention of setting up this company is to gather the brilliant sales persons together to form a team to make a bigger share in the market of our products, and introduce advanced product to the domestic market to make our contributions to the printing and packaging industry.

      We will use: Good Products—which can be in line with market demand and bring extra value adding, Good Quality—which will be fit for the requirement of the Chinese Industry standard and international industry standard products; Good Price—which will be Factory Direct Price, plus our Fast Response; Fast Action and Fast Services, as a media to find a match points for our new and old friends all over the world.

      Honesty, pragmatism is our duty; cooperation and win-win is our aim. Let us work together for a more brilliant future!


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