QTM1300/1450/1650 Automatic Flute Laminator and Flip-flop Machine

    ●Taking Less Space: The flip-flop machine we produced is about 3-5 meters short than the flip-flop machine produced by the others.
    ●Convenient Connection: It can be connected with any type of flute laminator
    ●Special Paper Conveying Unit: The machine has one special paper conveying and separation part to make.
    ●Reducer Motors To Provide Guarantee For The Operation: Most of the motors used in this machine are reducer motors with variators which can make the movement control of the machine easy and stable.
    ●Pressing Device:The laminated flip-flop sheets can be pressed here 3-5 minutes for a better flatness to facilitate next procedure.
    ●Swift Change From Auto to Manual: It has Auto to Manual function. For small batch of laminated sheet, you can turn to Manual collection function without troubling you to adjust the machine.


    Model QTM1300 QTM1450 QTM1650
    Max. Sheet Size 1300×1300mm 1450×1450mm 1650×1600mm
    Min. Sheet Size 500×440mm 500×440mm 500×440mm
    Mini. Collection Thickness 70mm 70mm 70mm
    Max. Collection Thickness 120mm 120mm 120mm
    Thickness of Face Paper 120~450g/m² 120~450g/m² 120~450g/m²
    Thickness of Bottom Paper ABCEF 3&5 Ply ABCEF 3&5 Ply ABCEF 3&5 Ply
    Max. Speed 153m/min 153m/min 153m/min
    Front Lay Laminate Error ±0.75mm ±0.75mm ±0.75mm
    Pile Height 1600-1700mm 1600-1700mm 1600-1700mm
    Total Weight 12700kg 14500kg 16500kg
    Total Length 19000mm 21500mm 22200mm
    Operation Space 21000x3000x2650mm 23500x3100x2650mm 25000x3200x2650mm
    Total Power 25kw 25kw 25kw
    Power Supply 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz)

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