BKJ1307/1310/1410 Automatic Cardboard Laminator Machine


    ●BKJ1307/1310/1410 is specialized in the production of high-precision automatic cardboard lamination for thin paper, cardboard, gray cardboard, art paper, etc. to meet the demands of printed cardboard lamination. It is with the features of high precision, non-deformation and flatness.
    ●The main parts of the machine come from well-known brand either from abroad or domestic with long service life and good stability. Electrical components use international famous brands to ensure the reliability.
    ●The machine is equipped with five sucking and four forwarding feeder, differential speed registration system, synchronization lamination and other innovative design. It is made according to the European CE standards. The machine can also do automatic monitoring, automatic detection, fault display and alarming from feeding, registration, lamination to delivery.


    Model 1307 1310 1410
    Max. Sheet Size(L×W) 1270×720mm 1270×1000mm 1410×1410mm
    Min. Sheet Size(L×W) 500×380mm 500×400mm 500×400mm
    Thickness of Face Paper 100~800g/m² 100~800g/m² 100~800g/m²
    Thickness of Bottom Paper 200~2000g/m² 200~2000g/m² 200~2000g/m²
    Speed of Laminate 150①p/min 120①p/min 120①p/min
    Front Lay Laminate Error ±0.5②mm ±0.5②mm ±0.5②mm
    Total Weight 9000kg 9000kg 11000kg
    Total Length 10500mm 10500mm 12000mm
    Operation Space 3000×13500mm 3000×13500mm 3500×13500mm
    Total Power 16.5kw 16.5kw 24.5kw
    Power Supply 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz)

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