SJ-Q1300B Automatic Flute Laminator


      • Key Points:
    • High precision: with the help of chasing lay and Synchronous slot design, the machine can achieve a precision as ±1.5mm.
    • Suit to both big and small size paper no need to do the readjustment.
    • Glue saving, averagely 25-35grams glue per square meter.
      • General Introduction:
    • SJ-Q series fully automatic flute laminator is consists of automatic face paper lifting section, face paper conveying section, bottom paper conveying section, cyclic gluing section and pressing section. It suits to laminate the printed paper to the corrugated board or cardboard which is thicker than 350gsm, with features of high precision and high speed. It is the ideal laminating machine for all kinds of packaging company domestic and overseas.








    Max. Paper size(W*L)

    1300*1300 mm

    1450*1300 mm

    1600*1300 mm

    Min. Paper size(W*L)

    400*400 mm

    500*500 mm

    Face paper thickness

    250-500 g/m2(standard paper board)

    Bottom paper

    A B C E F flute

    Layer requirement

    Face paper+Corrugated paper=3 layer Face paper+Double corrugated paper=5 layer(Total thickness less than 10mm)


    ±1.5mm(according to the paper quality)


    120 m/m(theoretical value )

    100 m/m(theoretical value)

    Production efficiency

    0-7200 sheets/h

    0-6000 sheets/h

    Height of face paper pile

    1600 mm

    Max. Weight of face paper pile

    1500 KG

    Height of bottom paper pile

    400 mm

    Total Power

    13 KW

    14 KW


    Three phase 380V

    Efficient pressing length

    3600 mm

    Conveying height

    250 mm

    Adhesive medium

    Corn starch glue


    12000*2200*2500 mm(Subject to machine)

    12000*2400*2500 mm(Subject to machine)

    13000*2550*2500 mm(Subject to machine)

    Machine Weight

    About 5 T(Subject to machine)

    About 5.5 T(Subject to machine)

    About 6 T(Subject to machine)

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