SZ1200P/1300P/1500P Automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine (Manual-automatic type with stripping unit)

    ●Machine adopts independent motion control unit.The power transmission is done by servo motor,and running is controlled by motion control system.It can achieve accurate cooperation between feeding unit and main machine,and also self-movement model can be achieved.
    ●Machine have manual and automatic models of motion state,when paper quality is poor,you can use manual model,easy switch.When use manual model,space can be released and suitable for operation.
    ●Machine feeding unit is independent systemed.It can be connected with other manufacture’s die-cutting machine.The machine is equipped with stripping part which can remove the waste on three edges and holes in the middle of the sheet after die-cutting.


    Model QMY1200P
    Max. Paper Size 1200×780mm 1300×960mm 1500×1100mm
    Min. Paper Size 350×350mm 400×410mm 500×400mm
    Max. Cutting Size 1180×760mm 1280×940mm 1480×1080mm
    Weight 14500kg 15500kg 19000kg
    Total Power 22.5kw 22.5kw 27.5kw
    Speed 0-5000p/hr 0-4600p/hr 0-4000p/hr
    Cardboard Sheet Thickness 250-800g/m²① 250-800g/m²① 250-800g/m²①
    Corrugated Sheet Thickness 1-7mm 1-7mm 1-7mm
    Die-cutting Pressure 300T 300T 300T
    Die-cutting Precision ±0.5mm① ±0.5mm① ±0.5mm①
    Dimensions 8000×4000×2250mm 8750×4100×2245mm 9400×4600×2245mm
    Power Supply 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz)

    ①depends on the quality of paper.

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