MY1200EPA/1300EPA/1500EPAEfficient Semi-automatic Die-cutting and Creasing Machine(Double Registration System & Stripping Unit)

    ●The design concept is focus on enhancing machine efficiency rate to about 100% by adding non-stop feeding and non-stop delivery device on the base of MY1300EP machines.


    Model MY1200EPA MY1300EPA MY1500EPA
    Max. Paper Size 1200×780mm 1300×960mm 1500×1100mm
    Min. Paper Size 350×350mm 400×410mm 500×410mm
    Max. Cutting Size 1180×760mm 1280×940mm 1480×1080mm
    Weight 14500kg 16000kg 19000kg
    Total Power 22.5kw 22.5kw 26.5kw
    Speed 0-5000p/hr 0-4600p/hr 0-4000p/hr
    Sheet Thickness 1-7mm 1-7mm 1-7mm
    Die-cutting Pressure 300T 300T 300T
    Die-cutting Precision ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
    Dimensions 8000×4000×2350mm 9100×4250×2345mm 9600×4700×2400mm
    Power Supply 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz)

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