JHXDB-2600 Automatic Folder Gluer Machine and Bundling Machine Production Line

    ●Fast folding.
    ●Accurate vacuum feeding.
    ●Re-creasing for more accurate folding.
    ●Good control on fish tail phenomenon to decrease the waste.
    ●Stepless speed regulating together with secondary Correction to eliminate the fish-tail phenomenon.
    ●Accurate Counting.
    ●Flapping part make a tidy stacking.
    ●The stack is accurate and neat.


    Model JHXDB-2000 JHXDB-2600
    Max. Cardboard 900×1900mm 900×2600mm
    Mini. Cardboard 250×700mm 300×850mm
    Installation Area 2600×10000+3900×2300mm 3500×12000+3900×2300mm
    Power Required 7.9+3.5kw 7.9+3.5kw

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