JDB-1300A-T Automatic Twin-head PE Bundling Machine(Pusher Type)

    ●High efficiency, 8-14 bales per minute.
    ●Saving labors, increase yield.
    ●Digital adjustment via touch screen easy to operate and understand.
    ●Machine is equipped with automatic oil supply system which can lubricate the machine in time. Each input and output of electrical appliance is connected with monitoring points in touch screen to facilitate machine’s maintenance.
    ●High safety standard: The rope arm will be disengaged and come back to its start position when resistance is detected. The pusher will stop the machine if resistance is found. With the door open, the machine can not run.
    ●Beak using Chromium-molybdenum alloy processed by a special procedures makes it more wear and tear with long service life.
    ●Driving gears are made of high-quality steel dealt with high frequency heat treatment to increase its wear resistance.
    ●Cost saving. PE only takes 0.17 Cents for one meter.


    Model JDB-1300A-T
    Max Bundle Size 1300×1200×250mm
    Min Bundle Size 430×350×50mm
    PE Rope 50#
    Bundle Speed 8-16Packages /Min
    Air Pressure 0.4~0.8MPa
    Power Supply 3PH 380V
    Main Power 3.5kw
    Dimension 3900×2100×2100mm
    Machine Weight 2500kg

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