DHIL Industrial Cardboard(Hard-board)Recombination Production Line

    Features of the machine:

    ●DHIL Industrial Cardboard (Hard-board) Recombination Production Line
    ●The production line adopts roll base paper for recombination. There are many different widths for your preference.It can be combined together with 2,3,4,5 layer and multi layers.It’s suitable for the paper gram weight 1200-2000g/m?thickness 3.5mm,production capacity 35T-80T/d. The cardboard which made by the recombination production line can reach the international standard on thickness,tightness,moisture,smoothness,stiffness and tensile strength, it can instead of the imported super-thick hardboard.The cardboard is used for smoke box, wine box,bags and suitcases,food box,hard book covers,high-end gift box,stationery,etc.

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