DHCL Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

    Features of the machine:

    ●DThe corrugated cardboard production line is mainly made up of the following parts: raw paper stand, pre-heater, Single facer, overbridge,multi pre-heater, pasting machine, adhesive dryer, cut-off machine, paper separating & line pressing machine, paper feeding stand, transverse cutting machine, stacking machine, pulping system, electric control system, etc.
    ●Workflow: the raw paper roll shall be sent to the raw paper stand for unfolding, treated with heating and humidity regulating in the pre-heater,sent to the single facer for further heating flute-presing, pasting and binding to the single-side corrugated cardboard; then the single-side corrugated cardboard shall be pulled onto the overbridge by the lifter of overbridge frame for orderly stacking and then for one more time heating in the multi-roller pre-heater and for flute edge pasting in the pasting machine and for cardboard binding and forming together with the bottom surface paper in the binding & drying machine; lastly the output cardboard shall be shaped into pieces of required cardboard through precise cutting by the paper separating & line pressing machine and the transverse cutting machine which shall be orderly stacked and output by the stacking machine.

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