F Series of Single Facer

    Features of the machine:

    ●Design speed:180/220m/min;
    ●Working width:1400mm-2500mm;
    ●Flute profile:A, B, C, E, F, G, N (optional);
    ●Dia. Of corrugated rollerΦ320(design speed 180m/min) and Φ360(design speed 220m/min), made of 48 CrMo alloy steel, surface treated with heating, grinding and hard chrome plating with hardness up to HRC55-58; out,attached with guide rails, convenient for device repair and maintenance;
    ●Adopting immersion pasting with electrical pasting width and glue content adjustment;
    ●The functions of digital gap-display and auto tracking gap-adjustment to the production line speed are optional;
    ●The drive part is designed to be dependent drive box with divided mechanism, adopting universal joint transmission to ensure smoother high speed operation;
    ●It can be optional matched with electro motion adjusting the gluing content or automatically speed tracking and adjusting the glue content according to the production line speed;
    ●The main drive adopts 15Kw/22Kw variable-frequency motor and PLC controller, keeping the same step as the speed of production line;
    ●Adopting vacuum-adsorbed paper guiding,set with wind regulation device;
    ●The corrugated roller, wind cover and wind pipe are separately designed from the whole machine, realizing the function of complete hoisting replacement, convenient for equipment maintenance and fast replacement of different flutes of roller;
    ●The dependently designed pasting part can be completely moved.

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