LS Lifting Thin Blade Slitting Machine

    Features of the machine:

    ●Slitting part: adopting the high quality tungsten alloy steel blade with sharp point and long service life; the slit cardboard with regular notch,without burrs and pressure cracks.
    ●Scoring part: adopting five-dot scoring with gap sync adjustment,with beautiful and non-damaged line shape,liable to bend.
    ●Sharpening part: adopting automatic or manual sharpening type to keep running while sharpening to improve the working efficiency.
    ●The operations of electrical lifting and deflection correcting are simple and practical, fit for the need of different production lines
    ●Adopting the famous motor converter to keep in the same step as the production line with high precision.
    ●The electric units adopt national famous brands or imported products with reliable performance,
    ●Adopting sync-belt transmission with low noise and stable running.
    ●This product can realize the coordination of two separate units for application to achieve fast order change.
    ●Working speed for matching the production line:150m/min

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