RC CNC Rotary Cut-off Machine

    Features of the machine:

    ●Design speed: 120/180/200m/min
    ●Working width: 1400-2500mm
    ●Cutting length: 500-9999mm;
    ●Cutting precision: ?mm(at steady speed)
    ●Adopting auto oil pump cyclic lubrication.
    ●The precisely adjudtable seamless gear ensure the blade notch to exactly mesh with each other for stable running.
    ●The computer automatically adjusts the cutting speed to keep in the same step according to the cardboard size and production line speed;
    ●The computer can keep multi-group orders and the machine adopts the separate model of machine-man interface. The screen can show any type of production information for review, revision, addition and cancelation.
    ●Adopting “scissors” progressive rotary cutting with little impact force and high cutting precision.

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