YKS-1800/2000 Style Water Base-On Ink Printing Slotter Machine


    ●Adopt vacuum absorption fore part self-feeding.
    ●The electric appliances of a whole machine adopt the excellent product by the domestic produces.
    ●Adopt cross slider transmission.
    ●Adopt spouting style cycle lubricate.
    ●All rollers are plating chrome.
    ●Phase adjustment adopt planet gear structure.
    ●Phase adjustment adopt digital input.
    ●Confect pneumatic uplift edition, pneumatic lock close, electric equal ink, pneumatic. Supply ink, electric economy separate and reune, separate and reune pneumatic brakes,photoelectricity re-cord etc feature.
    ●Adopt high grade glue roller anilox roller, can print elegant pattern.


    Model YKS-1800 YKS-2000
    Speed 100-120P/min 100-120P/min
    Max. Board Size 900×1950mm 900×2150mm
    Max. Print Size 900×1200mm 900×2000mm
    Print Plate Thickness 5-7mm 5-7mm
    Slotter Distance Positive edge 120×120×120×120mm 120×120×120×120mm
    Negative edge; 240×50×240×50mm 240×50×240×50mm ;
    Max. Slotter Deepness 260mm 260mm
    Machine Size Two color 4000×3100×1800mm 4000×3300×1800mm
    Three color


    Motor Power (Two color)5.5kw
    (Three color)7.5kw
    (Two color)5.5kw
    (Three color)7.5kw
    Weight (Two color)7000kw
    (Three color)9000kw
    (Two color)8000kw
    (Three color)10000kw

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