YKW1224 High Speed Flexo Ink Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


    ●Adopt America SUN automatic group lead edge feeding paper system and colorful master single scraping knife system
    ●Adopt computer control to storage order,changing order operation is convenient and quick. The machine adopts PLC touching screen to control, convenient and reliable.
    ●All transmission gears and rollers adopt high quality steel with heat treatment(or hard chromed)and fine grinding.
    ●Each unit of the machine keep ringing during traveling,each unit install emergency switch to ensure workers safty when enter into machine to operate machine.
    ●Oil automatic balancing device.
    ●Automatically zero and adjust edition,wipe edition memory function.
    ●Automatically zero and adjust edition,wipe edition memory function.
    ●All gaps adjustment adopt self-locking mechanism,the adjustment is more convenient,accurate and reliable.
    ●The machine adopts standard design,all the edition,mould,consumable,easy broken parts,standard components adopt international standard,it is easy to purchase.


    Parameter name YKW1200×2400
    Design Speed 260Pieces/min
    Maximum Size of Feeding Paper 1200×2400mm
    Minimum Size of Feeding Paper 300×600mm
    Feeding Paper by Partition 1500×2400mm
    Maximum Size of Printing Area 1200×2360mm
    Precision of Printing ±0.5mm
    Thickness of Standard Printing Plank 7.2mm
    Thickness of Printing Paperboard 2-11mm
    Slotting Precision ±1mm
    Maximum Grooving Space 130mm
    Maximum Depth of Slotting 300mm
    Printing Roller Axle Circular Regulating 360°Degree
    Printing Roller Axial Regulating ±10mm
    Die-cutting Precision ±1mm
    Die-cutting Knife Roller Axial Regulating ±10mm
    Total Power(Three/Four/Five color)
    (without air compressor power)

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