PY950/1200 Automatic Roll Die-Cutting&Creasing Machine

    Features and characters:

    PY-950/1200 is an ideal and professional machine in die-cutting creasing embossing and full-stripping various PE coated paper, normal paper, corrugating paper and plastic material. It applies to paper cup,paper box,medical package,wine package,food package and other environmental protection products.It adopts micro-computer,HMI,servo positioning,alternating current frequency converter,automatic counting,photoelectric rectifying,pneumatic lock cutting plate,electromagnetic clutch,centralized oil lubrication,,overload protection and distinctive gearing.All of these is the guarantee of steady pressure,precise positioning,smooth running,safety and reliability operation.


    Model PY-950 PY-1200
    Cut Precision ± 0.10mm ± 0.10mm
    Production capacity 90-140 times/min 90-140 times/min
    Maximum cutting size 950 x550mm 950 x640mm(broaden) 1200 x650mm(broaden)
    Max Paper Convey Width 970mm 970mm
    Suitable Material 100-800g/m2 coated paper, ivory board
    Maximum Pressure 300T 300T
    Total Power 15KW 15KW
    Total Weight 7.5T 9T
    Overall Dimension 4300 x 2100 x 1850 mm 4300 x 2100 x 1850 mm
    Working Air Source Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa (Need to buy compressor)

    Design and Specification are subject to change without notice, photos for reference only.

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