SL-5040 Full Automatic Box-making Machine


    Full automatic gift box machine is the best equipment for making the elegant gift box machine. It has the rational design, stable and reliable performance. It uses PLC programmable controller, photovoltaic sensitive tracing system, servo-rectification system and touching human-machine interface. It can realize the automatic paper delivery, automatic glue-off, automatic Hawk transferring, automatic forming at four corners, automatic positioning, automatic binding and forming and other technique actions. There is the full-automatic line operation for the production, and the production efficiency is several times higher than that of the tradition technique. It has also the functions of failure diagnose display and alarming, and the operation security is warranted. It is suitable for making shoe box, jewelry box, packaging box for electronic products and various kinds of tiandigai gift boxes.


    Model SL-5040
    Power 380/220V
    Air Source Press 0.6-0.8Mpa
    Forming Size (large) 420×520×120 mm
    Forming Size (small) 100×100×10mm
    Working Speed One head forming20-30pcs/min 
    Two heads forming10-22pcs/min
    Power Rate of The Machine 12kw
    Dimension of The Machine 6500×350×3000mm
    Net Weight 3500kg

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