SL-430A Folding Carton Forming Machine

    Local instruction: This machine uses the servo motor with high accuracy and its operation is convenient and rapid.

    Features and characters:

    This machine is equipped for the assembly line of gift box, and it is suitable for the forming and binding various kinds of paper tiandigai package box, tea box and shoe box and other rectangular boxes. It has the features of small cubage, easy operation and fast speed. This machine can realize the automatic launching, tipping, folding and forming. It is driven by dual servo motors and it is controlled by the transducer so as to warrant the rapid and secure production. The rotation of the bristle brush wheel can make the products more smooth.


    Model SL-430A
    Power 220V/50HZ
    Forming size (large) 420×520×120mm
    Forming size (small) 100×100×10mm
    Working speed 10-20pcs/min
    Power rate of the machine 1.5kw
    Boundary dimension of the machine 1300×1200×2300mm
    Machine weight 500kg

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