TJ-40 Corner Wrapping Machine


    ●It is applied in the following products: archive box, document folder, cloth box, shoes box, gift box and elegant book covers, etc.
    ●This machine has the same functions as that of SL-650 (automatic paper delivery).
    ● Frequency varying and speed adjustment.
    ●The rubber roller is made up of stainless steel to warrant the worn-endurance and non-deformation.
    ●There is the indirect heating and temperature controlling system for the rubber-returning socket of this machine, and it can be used in the working place with low temperature to warrant no rubber clinging in the rubber returning socket.


    Model TJ-40
    Power Supply 220V/50HZ
    Total Power 550W
    Case Size 40×40×10mm
    Production Speed 20-40pcs/min
    Dimension 600×300×1450mm
    Net weight 150kg

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