FJ5787 Automatic Cards Sorting Machine


    ●It is mainly used for the automation of conveying, sorting and counting for playing or cartoon cards,
    ●The conveying unit adopts servo motor system which can control effectively the run and stop of the machine and ensures accurate and stable movement of the machine with the help of high elastic and wear-resistant conveying belt.
    ●High sensitive and accurate electric counter plus visual inspection system ensure accurate sorting of the cards.
    ●The man-machine interface makes the data setting easy and fast. Malfunctions are shown on the screen with self-diagnose which help the operation a lot.
    ●Work displacement transfer adopts servo motor plus reducer with lightweight design ensures the machine running more precisely under high speed.


    Model FJ5787
    Speed 2400decks/h
    Total Power 6kw
    Dimension 1380×1240×1700(single host)mm
      2200×620×680(with connector)mm
    Net weight 0.8T
    Power supply 3P 380V AC 50Hz

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