FQ1020 Automatic Card Slitting & Collating Machine


    This machine is mainly used for the automatic production line of playing and cartoon cards. It can slit sheets into various sizes of cards with on-line card collation and corner cut. The main feature of this machine is that there will be no disorder of the cards after slitting and collation. It is an ideal machine for playing card and cartoon cards industry which can increase the working efficiency and save labor-otally replace manual cards collation.

    High Efficiency

    ●Unique up and down layer card conveying tunnels with two collation parts makes the speed can reach up to 3000 sheets/hour.
    ●Collecting and servo delivery part assure the sequence of cards without missing. Then the cards transported in sequence to be corner punched.

    High Precision

    ●Unique positioning correction system provides a larger correction rang and easier adjustment.

    High Stability

    ●All the key steel parts such as machine walls, cams etc use high grade steel and processed by CNC Lathe
    ●High speed running parts such as shafts, rollers are made by high grade steel quenched and dynamic balance tested to make sure the stability when running at high speed.
    ●Motors, belts, chains and so on are well-known brand in domestic and abroad. Bearings are mostly from C&U Group with key bearings from NSK
    ●Pneumatic parts are from SMC-Japan
    ●Electric parts are Omron, Schneider, IDEC, and Delta etc
    ●Servo system is from Yaskawa-Japan
    ●Hydraulic parts are from SMC and Huade

    High Degree Automation

    ●This machine can not only be used for cards slitting and collation, it can also be connected with our photoelectric checking machine and wrapping machine to form a production line. This line can realize cutting, corner punching, inspection and wrapping in one line -- saving lots of employees and increase the working efficiency.

    Safe And Easy Operation

    ●PLC control together with man-machine interface will display the operation status, malfunction and diagnose and operation requirement. All the settings are displayed in the screen and changed by the function button according to instruction in the man-machine interface
    ●Many sensors and safe device are equipped with the machine to make sure the machine run well and safety. All the malfunctions will be displayed in the screen for easy problem elimination.

    Specifications: Specifications:

    Model FQ1020
    Max. Sheet Size 1000×730mm
    Min. Sheet Size 470×360mm
    Min. Card Size 88×53mm
    Max. Card Size 91×66mm
    Max. Speed 3000sheets/h
    Paper Thickness 180-500g/m2
    Power Supply 3P 380V AC 50HZ
    Total Power 13kw
    Net Weight 12T
    Dimension(L×W×H) 6200×6330×1850mm

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