GB5787 Automatic Wrapping Machine


    ●It is a specially designed packaging machine for playing cards which integrates mechanical with electric.
    ●It adopts world-wide well known driving design, precise glue injection system and frequency speed regulation system to ensure the reliability of the packing and stable performance of the machine.
    ●PLC control together with man-machine interface makes the machine simple in operation ,high automation, high production speed and high quality. Malfunctions are easily to be detected to ensure the safety of production, reducing the cost and rising production efficiency.
    ●It consists five parts: card conveyor, packaging, box conveyor, package output and pack sealing. All the driving parts are antioxidant treated with safety doors or window to ensure the long lifespan of the machine and operation safety.


    Model GB5787
    Card Size 87 x 57 x 16mm
    Single Card Thickness 0.29mm
    Power Max. Speed 92decks/minute
    Total Power 4.2kw
    Heating Power 2.5kw
    Fusion Temperature 160±5℃
    Dimension 3040×1820×2200mm
    Net Weight 2t

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