JP1040 Automatic Inspection Machine


    This machine is applicable for cigarette, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, and various labels quality defects inspection. It can inspect scratches, registration, foil stamping deviation, streak, spot, wrinkle and so on. The high speed image pickup system, computer image processing system and mechanical positioning system combined perfectly to ensure the high speed inspection with high precision.


    Model JP1040
    Max. Sheet Size 1040x780mm
    Min. Sheet Size 400x360mm
    Sheet Weight 70~400gsm
    Max. Running Speed Max. 150meter/minute,12000pieces/hour
    Max. Running Speed 4k 4k+8k
    Picture Resolution   0.13 X 0.13mm   4K camera 0.13 X 0.13mm
    8K camera 0.07 X 0.08mm
    Min. point defect size
    (ink spot, omission, dirt)
    high contrast ratio 0.15mm²
    low contrast ratio 0.25mm²
    high contrast ratio 0.1mm²
    low contrast ratio 0.2mm²
    Min. Line Defect Size (ink line, streak) high contrast ratio high contrast ratio
    width≥0.2mm width≥0.15mm
    length≥10mm length≥10mm
    low contrast ratio low contrast ratio
    width≥0.3mm width≥0.25mm
    length≥10mm length≥10mm
    Chromatic aberration inspection △E ≥3 △E ≥3
    Overlapping Precisions Lateral Direction ±0.2mm
    Longitudinal direction ±0.2mm
    Lateral Direction±0.15mm
    Longitudinal direction±0.15mm
    Power 14kw
    Net weight 9.8T
    Dimension 10600×2650×2400(including pedal platform)

    Notice: High contrast means the average gray level between defect and background≥300N (gray level). Low contrast means the average gray level between defect and background ≥100N and ≤300N

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