TL300 Intermittent High-speed Letter Press Label Printing Machine

    ●Adopt intermittent printing mode which realizes one-roller-to-print-all size of the label.
    ●The shaftless control system precisely controls the servo motor to make the machine work under its best status.
    ●Unique inking design system reaches a super printing effect in which the ink bar trouble and ghost images are efficiently avoided.
    ●By adopting color code photoelectric sensor technology,secondary additional overprinting function
    ●It is equipped with automatic tension control function,low cost and high efficient,matching with printing speed and length.
    ●Each set is equipped with pre-registration system, it is more convenient and faster during machine debugging,saving materials and reducing loss.
    ●The machine can also be equipped with flexo, UV varnishing, back printing and roll to roll die-cutting stations which makes the machine caters a wider range of customer demands and enhance the competitiveness of the printer.


    Model TL300
    Web Width 300mm
    Printing Width 50-300mm
    Max. Un-winder Dia 600mm
    Max. Re-winder Dia. 600mm
    Paper Range 80-350gsm
    Printing Length Intermittent 50-280mm
    Full Rotary 326.7mm
    Printing Speed 200 times/min(Decided by the print length
    and the quality requirement)
    Main Power (8 Colors) 15kw
    UV 3.6 per stationkw
    Overall Dimension(LXWXH) 4800X1500X1850mm
    Machine weight 5500kg
    Voltage and Current Frequency 380V -Three phase; 50Hz

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