FZ1200/1700 Pile Turner

    This machine is mainly used in printing and packaging industry, for pile turning, aligning, dust removal etc. It is a necessary equipment to improve the work efficiency and printing quality.


    Model FZ1200 FZ1700
    Max. weight of a stack(including pallets) 1000kg 2000kg
    Max. Sheet Size 800×1200mm 1200×1700mm
    Min. Sheet Size 360×560mm 360×560mm
    Paper Thickness ≥150g ≥150g
    Width Between The Platforms Min. 680 Max.1440mm Min. 890 Max. 1840mm
    Power Supply 3p 380v AC 50hz 3p 380v AC 50hz
    Total Power 10kw 17kw
    Oil Pressure Max. 16mpa Max. 16mpa
    Net Weight 2.8t 3.8T
    Dimensions(L×W×H) 2370×2090×1890mm 2370×2590×2390mm

    *Design and Specification are subject to change without notice, photos for reference only.

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