HX-2000A High Speed Folder Gluer

    HX-2000A high speed folder gluer is used for box making by double sheets (AA sheets or AB sheets) or single sheet. It replced the manual pasting, reducing the labor intensity. Comparing with the traditional semiautomatic gluer, it saves labour and increases the quality of products.
    ●The machine uses frequency converter for speed regulation, PLC central control, simu-lation to digit program system,together with high speed clutch, which ensure high accurate running.
    It is equipped with independent paper feeding system and strong suction feeding device, which ensures smooth feeding for both double sheets and single sheet. When doing double sheets, the gluing (hot melt glue) can be done dynamically with four side registration, thus guarantee high accuracy.
    ●After double sheets sticking, they need to be formed manually at the folding unit. At the same time, the bad creasing Iine and corrugated Iine can be corrected manually as well.
    ●This machine only needs two operators.


    Paper Size Max. Speed Sheet thickness Overall dimensions Total Power
    Min. 450X320mm
    86m/min. Corrugated Paper
    Cardboard of Five lavers
    3450X3150X1180mm 5.8kw

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