JS Series Glue Machine

    Stainless Steel Speed glue desktop machine is printing on adhesive paper packaging industry dedicated equipment, a large number of the machine used stainless steel components, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment capacity, the use of advanced machine speed control motor, paper specifications to meet the various needs of the glue on.


    Model JS460 JS600 JS720 JS1000
    Width 460mm 600mm 720mm 1000mm
    Max. Speed 0-40m/min 0-40m/min 0-40m/min 0-40m/min
    Power 90w 90w 90w 90w
    Demension size 800X410X360mm 860X410X360mm 980X410X360mm 1200X410X360mm
    Weight 40kg 48kg 54kg 60kg

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