JS600-A Model Lineation Machine

    The machine adopts the circular cutting knife roll technology for the printing industry, self-adhesive products, the surface partition. Simple operation and partition quality goods, efficient and economical characteristics. Printing industry technological advances are a new type of equipment, low investment and benefit from the fast. Round knife hob, turret positioning mobile convenience, partition size precision, cutting the quality of a stable and reliable, easy blade wear. Circular blade can be used repeatedly, the use of low cost.


    Model JS600-A JS600-B JS500 JS400
    Max. Cutting Width 600mm 600mm 500mm 400mm
    Mini. Cutting Clearance 6mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
    Drum Shaft RPM 100R / min 280R / min 280R / min 290R / min
    Voltage 220v 220v 220v 220v
    Overall Dimension 780×1210×840mm 1050×701×790mm 1050×610×790mm 390×530×290mm
    Weight 52kg 50kg 45kg 23kg
    Machine configuration slitter 15;
    rubble wheel 3
    Slitter 14; Point-line Knife 1;
    Rubble Wheel 2; razor 1
    slitter 12;rubble
    wheel 2;razor 1
    slitter 10;
    rubble wheel 3

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